1,000 Chicagoans Sign Petition Overnight

Petition Asks for Emanuel to Declare Chicago a Welcoming City for Refugees, Distinguish from Governor Rauner’s Fearmongering

In response to the news that Governor Rauner will attempt to reject Syrian refugees from finding safety in Illinois, more than 1,000 Chicagoans have signed a petition calling on Mayor Emanuel to distinguish himself and do the opposite.

When asked at a press conference about the Governor’s declaration, Emanuel avoided criticizing the Governor and though he affirmed the US as a welcoming country in principle, he added “Obviously if the governor of Illinois says something, Chicago is not a separate entity from that.”

The petition reads: “Do not allow Governor Rauner’s fearmongering to impact Chicago. Pledge to maintain a welcoming city and stay open to refugees from Syria and anywhere people are fleeing for safety.”

As of 9:40am there were 1,054 signers calling on the Mayor, explaining, “Chicago is better than the fear and anti-refugee platform Illinois’ governor is taking. We will not close the door in the face of people seeking safety no matter what Gov. Rauner says.”

On Saturday, immigrant rights groups were already planning a march from the Pilsen neighborhood to 101 W. Congress as part of a national week of action on the anniversary of the stalled executive action by the President and in protest of what they call on-going harsh enforcement.

Read the reaction to the Governor’s announcement from Organized Communities Against Deportation and Arab American Action Network here


Press Contact: Irene Romulo (708) 703-6258. Organized Communities Against Deportations


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