A Legacy of Resistance: Thoughts on August 15

Photo Credit: Steve Pavey

By Razan Abu-Hashish 

Hearing that lines of hundreds of people are already forming at Navy Pier for deferred action day.

Excited because close friends of mine will be coming out for the first time tomorrow. Because even though my brother won’t care to come I’m going to pick up all the information he needs in the case that he ever does find hope.

Let there be no doubt, deferred action nowhere near brings us closer to living to the dignity colonized people deserve. However, it is a testament to one thing: The descendants of long lineages of survival are alive and hopeful.

when kids learn to color outside the lines
when youth are willing to step outside of boundaries built for them
undocumented, unafraid
when parents are motivated to attain their life goals
a legacy of resistance

Here is to hoping that the real fearless work done by undocumented youth is not undermined. Undocumented youth who created the culture of undocumented and unafraid. Undocumented youth who refused to move forward without acknowledging a legacy of resistance by proclaiming undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic. Undocumented youth who pushed boundaries and dared despite the lack of real allies willing to place anything on risk alongside with them.

Undocumented youth who question and contextualize why it is that the narratives of those directly affected by violent issues are not the creators of their own stories. Undocumented youth who work to contribute toward a wholesome vision of a non-oppressive world by valuing the difference and importance of every individual specifically because they are not merely in this for themselves. Undocumented youth who believe that the value of truth means not only challenging bigots but also challenging and holding their own communities accountable. Undocumented youth who recognized that the first step towards this non-oppressive world was to begin by challenging themselves. Undocumented youth who can and will continue to escalate and most importantly beg us to ask ourselves; what are you doing?

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