Abuelita Genoveva Safe Until Next Month


Today Genoveva Ramirez, who was surrounded by family, supporters, and community members, attended her appointment with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). She was told she would be required to return to ICE for an another appointment on August 31, 2017, and that she must bring her passport to that appointment.

“I am nervous about coming back but know that there is an entire community of people behind me. I will keep fighting to stay with my children and grandchildren and continue to organize with my community to fight these unjust policies,” said Genoveva after her appointment.

During that check-in, the attorney representing Genoveva, Mony Ruiz-Velazco at PASO -West Suburban Action Project, submitted a new request for ICE to use prosecutorial discretion and accept a stay of removal.

Genoveva is a long-time union leader, a member of Organized Communities Against Deportations, and a leader in the immigrant community. Although she has been granted multiple stays of removal before and as a victim of crime has a U visa application pending, ICE only told Genoveva that they would “consider” her request. According to her attorney, the ICE agents that Genoveva met with said that policy changes under the Trump administration mean that there are no more “low priority” cases and that even someone like Ms. Ramirez could be targeted for deportation.

Following the news, OCAD and the other organizations that accompanied Genoveva committed to continuing to support her and to show up with her at her next appointment in August. Rosi Carrasco, an OCAD organizer, reminded those present that despite the harsh policy changes under the Trump administration “The Chicago ICE Office’s hands are not tied in this matter. Director Ricardo Wong and his ICE officers continue to have the power and discretion to grant Genoveva her stay of removal. As a community, ensuring that Genoveva remains with her family and her community will be our priority and we will continue to mobilize and organize to ensure this happens.”

Genoveva was originally turned over to ICE after a minor traffic stop and has been fighting her deportation since 2013.

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