[Update] After Asking Obama To Stop Deportations, 12 Chicagoans Go To Trial


Chicago, IL. – Eleven undocumented immigrants and one ally, will be facing trial at Cook County Municipal Court today. They were arrested for last month during a civil disobedience demanding that President Barack Obama put an end to the separation of families by stopping deportations.

The trial comes as the immigration debate in Washington DC, fails to include the voices of those that are directly affected, undocumented immigrants themselves. Meanwhile, 1,100 families continue to be destroyed every single day.

The arrests are symbolical in that they represent the national movement of undocumented immigrants that are at forefront in fight against deportations. In doing so, we fight for keeping families and communities together.

The twelve Chicagoans – Stephanie Camba, Veronica Castro, Hugo Dominguez, Maria Gonzalez, Miguel Martinez, Jocelyn Munguia, Uriel Sanchez-Molina, Martin Unzueta, Nadia Sol Ireri Unzueta Carrasco, Tania Unzueta Carrasco, Reyna Wences and Stephanie Zavala – are facing charges of resisting arrest, reckless conduct and obstruction of traffic. Read more about their stories and reasons to participate.

To support the participants, we ask that you to join us in calling President Obama to suspend all deportations. For more updates about the trial and to find additional ways to support, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

The civil disobedience was put together by: Undocumented Illinois, a network of undocumented youth-led organizations in the state of Illinois,  National Day Laborer Organizing Network and National People’s Action.

[UPDATE] All the charges for the 12 participants of the action asking that President Obama stop deportations have been dropped. More details to come soon. In the meantime, enjoy.


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