. . . and beyond (by h.r. esparza)

Some words of encouragement as we continue our struggle!

Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough!
Get ready for sleepless nights
Where frustration will visit our hopes.
When we’ll be flown to the epicenter
In which the taste of defeat will percolate our senses.
In this altar we will question our every move
The very reason of our cause.

Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough!
You can see it in our eyes
That know long nights and hard days.
Our pupils and tears testament of the anger
That comes from the shadow of helplessness
That follows us as we try to articulate
Sense into the idiotic cacophony of our contenders.

Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough!
The intensity is what keep us
Agile, fit and walking humbly in the struggle.
This wound reminds us that appeasement
Is the stank that has numb our sisters and brothers conscience;
For they been coerced into settling with crumbs.

Change ain’t gonna come . . . quick enough!
That’s why we will push harder.
That’s why our analysis will be sharper.
That’s why we will scream louder.
That’s why we must love until change comes . . . and beyond!

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