“I named my hamster Kirk”

It has taken us a few days to recover, but today we present to you some of our member’s reactions to Senator Mark Kirk (R) being elected in Illinois:

Cindy Agustín: To those that wonder why I, and many others, are so upset with tonight’s results: Our futures, our dreams, our families, and our communities are at risk of being destroyed. We are tired of having to deal with politicians who promise one thing but don’t have the courage to make it happen. I can assure you that we will prevail and Mark Kirk will never forget us. We will change things. Don’t get discouraged.

From Razan Abu-Hasish: Just some of the few reasons I’m happy Kirk won:

  • He’s a man of his own belief. Peer pressure doesn’t affect him! Regardless of the fact that over 70% of democrats, and over 60% of republicans support the dream act when it is explained to them. He still says NO.
  • He has a lively staff. Aren’t you sick of the boring ones that follow protocol too much? Who else has a staff member that sticks there middle finger up at people?! That’s what I call personality right there!
  • He’s persistent. He doesn’t give in. You can call, hold vigils, right letters, whatever you want but he still won’t meet up with you. No matter how hard you try!
  • His name is shorter. Waaaay cooler than and easier to text than Giannoulias. Who even knows how to spell that? Seriously. Anyways, I named my hamster kirk 🙂
  • He is intelligent. Always knows how to twist things around. Yes, okay he might have lied and exaggerated about his military record. But he made a good point when defending himself, I mean that’s better than not being in the military at all like Alexi! Clearly, he has earned the rights to exaggerate. How cunning! We do want a smart senator don’t we?
  • Knows how to use his abilities to the best advantage. He makes sure to constantly mention that he speaks Spanish and studied in Mexico so he can act like he cares about Hispanics!!
  • He knows what to say and when to say it. He doesn’t say that he won’t support the Dream act when the cameras are on him. That would lose him a lot of votes! God forbid, no he waits AFTER the cameras are turned off.

p.s- haters get a life. He gonna do nobody but himself.

From Jose Eduardo: We worked hard to Get out the vote, and we need to remind Mark Kirk that Illinois will keep him accountable. We will not take no for answer. He is there to represent the people of Illinois and if most people in Illinois support the DREAM Act he also must support it. We can use all our anger from some of these election results to our advantage and channel it into countinue to work and push hard for the DREAM ACT. If we want to see the DREAM Act be voted in the senat this year all DREAMERS need to be on board and ready to push and push harder than ever before.

From Fanny Martinez:‎ Mark Kirk: Get ready! The DREAMers are coming! We wont let you destroy our future! Let’s stay strong and united! 😉

Last tuesday Mark Kirk won Obama’s old Senate seat from Illinois, making him our Senator for the next 6 years. He will be sworn-in in the next few weeks to finish off the term. If the DREAM Act comes up for a vote during the lame duck session, Kirk will be casting one of those votes. Unfortunately he has said that he would vote “NO” if it were to come up. What do you think?


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