Chicago Immigrants Demand Accountability for City Complicity in Deportations


Group points to the disproportionate placement of DUI checkpoints in Latino communities as anti-immigrant and contrary to the city of Chicago’s commitment to be a Sanctuary city for immigrants.

WHEN: Monday, June 8, 11-12:00 PM

WHAT: Local residents and community organizers convene outside the offices of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, chief of  police, to denounce disproportionate placement of DUI checkpoints in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods. The group will highlight the connection between racialized policing and deportations, and call for the city, police department, to stop complicity in deportations of Chicago immigrants.

WHERE: 4th Floor, City Hall (121 N. LaSalle St.)

WHO: Individuals and family members in deportation proceedings due to DUI convictions, supporters.

WHY: The Chicago Tribune recently reported that 84% of DUI checkpoints are found in predominantly Latino and Black neighborhoods. By comparison, only 4% of DUI checkpoints are found in predominantly white neighborhoods—despite the fact that these neighborhoods account for about 25% of the city’s alcohol related accident

For immigrant communities, racist policing can have extremely devastating effects. Especially after the President Obama’s announcements in November, the immigrant community has experienced an aggressive and alarming increase in the detention and deportation of individuals with minor charges such as driving under the influence.


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