Chicago Immigration Office Concedes Demands to Stop One Deportation, Still Plans to Deport Father of Five This Friday

On Tuesday morning the Chicago Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) office delayed the deportation of Chicago father Noe Adan Carlos Herrera for one year, but insists on deporting father of five this Friday.

Chicago, IL  — On Tuesday morning Noe Adan Carlos Herrera had been told to show up to the local ICE offices with a ticket to be deported to Mexico. Instead, this morning, after a strong legal and community defense, the ICE office conceded to allowing Noe to stay with his family and daughter at least one more year. At the same time, the family of Jose Juan Federico Moreno Anguiano, a father of 5 US citizen children, remains in limbo. Jose Juan is  supposed to show up to O’Hare airport this Friday morning to ‘self deport’ and leave his family behind.

“I am grateful that I get a chance to be with my community and my family. I get to celebrate tonight, but know that I have to continue to work with the community to make sure that Jose Juan and his family can also stay together,” said Noe Adan.

Noe Adan is a young father who would qualify for relief if President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program were implemented. Despite complying with all of the Chicago ICE office’s requirements, Noe Adan had erroneously been labeled a “priority” for deportation and instructed by a Chicago ICE officer to bring a plane ticket to self deport.

Jose Juan  is the sole breadwinner of his family and the father of five US citizen children between 2-14 years old. Although he has a 2009 conviction fora DUI, DHS has discretion over whether to consider it a significant factor in his case if he were able to apply for DAPA. However, ICE has insisted that he must show up to O’Hare airport this Friday.

“Although we celebrate the strength and perseverance of our community, we remain deeply angered by the stress and uncertainty that the Chicago ICE office put Noe Adan and his family through,” said Yaxal Sobrevilla, a member of Organized Communities Against Deportations, who has been supporting Noe Adan’s case. “The Chicago ICE Field office’s handling of Noe’s Adan’s case is characteristic of an agency that routinely mishandles cases, provides inconsistent information, lies to our community members, and which has no regard for the devastating effects of their actions on immigrant families & communities.”

As we celebrate, we ask our community to once again fight back against the pain and injustice which Chicago ICE inflicts within immigrant communities by supporting Jose Juan in his fight remain with his family. Please sign his petition and to make calls to National ICE Director, Sarah Saldana, at ICE Headquarters at 202-732-3100 to stop his deportation.


Join us in saying #Not1More and in keeping immigrant families and communities together.


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