Dad, You Are the Reason Why I Am Here Today

My father is currently held in custody due to deportation proceedings and I am writing this letter as testament to his integrity and character. My father never had any selfish motivation for his actions, but he rather had an honest drive to give a better life to me and my mother.

When we came to the United States nearly ten years ago, he worked long hours in menial labor to simply support our family and gave his free time to helping my in both with my studies and spending time with family. His work ethic and honesty can be compared to the founding fathers of the United States, as he worked for a better tomorrow in light of a difficult present. His skills and knowledge were unparalleled to me when I was a child, and even to this day he continues to be a source of wisdom and inspiration.

The fact that his stern commitment to my education was coupled with a devotion to helping me realize my goals in life is integral to the successes that I have experienced. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for his presence in my life. He was both a father and a role model, and possesses many of the virtues which I currently hold so high in esteem.

He never held a criminal record and always attempted to do things by the book. He spent sleepless nights exploring the legal options for our family’s immigration situation and always chose to stick within the infrastructure of the legal immigration system. The consistent appeals to the immigration judge’s decision are key evidence for his relentlessness to keep our family safe here in the United States. He has adapted to whatever financial climate we were in by not only switching jobs, but by adapting well to whatever his work positions required of him.

When he was denied employment authorization, he agreed not to work under those conditions and resigned from a financially stable position at Sea Island as a maintenance engineer.

I believe that he is not only a respected citizen of this country, but also a model family man. Even as he is held in custody right now he thinks about me and my mother’s well being and legal options. He has sacrificed much to pave a path to higher education for me.

I have been offered admission to one of the best engineering schools in the country under the only significant scholarship available to someone of my legal status due to his efforts. He is not only a realist, but an idealist, and always looks for the best in people.

My father Mikola Tytla is not only considered a humble and admirable man by me, but by most of the people he came in contact with over the years. Many of his colleagues and friends note his unique sense of humor and his drive in whatever he pursues.There is much to be said about my father and I could sit and write a novel if need be, but words can only go so far as to describe his commitment to his family, his friends, and doing what he believes is morally just.

With all due respect,

Yuriy Tytla

Take action to help release Yuriy’s father Mikola from detention in McHenry County jail in Illinois:

1. Sign the petition here and call Call Midwest ICE Field Office Director Ricardo Wong (312) 347-2400 and ICE Director John Morton (202) 732-3000 to demand Mikola’s release.

2. Come to the Free Mikola Rally and press conference on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, at 2:30pm in front of the Chicago ICE office at 101 West Congress Parkway.

3. Spread the word and send the petition to your friends.

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