Dreams That Are Conscious

"Its not much of a guitar but for me it has given me an outlet."
“Its not much of a guitar but for me it has given me an outlet.”

By Caiden, First Installment

Dreams aren’t what they used to be.

No matter if it’s in my head or in my heart,

I only know how to live in this moment.


Everyone is so disconnected from another.

At what point do we allow people in our thoughts?

Time is gone, it stops who we are.


These intentions I have for you don’t come easy.

At night, it is a swarm of broken glasses inside, that breaths with conscious,

in and out, inhaling (1, 2, 3, 4), exhaling.


I am  alone at night, only to remember what i have done.

I can’t look further ahead where the world gets better.

My hands show signs of labor, but lack the prestige of talent.

My nails do not compare to the sound of their round polished shape nails, which shows their dedication.

A flower born on the far end of the field.


A vagabond’s life in  state of mind.

Home is just a resetting of a day.


If i dream, i do while walking.

If i am to dream, I accept there is better for me.

I may not realize but a dream does not have to be far from me.


What I do now, I’ll forget. [b] ( F Major)


What I love now, I’ll feel.  [b  ] (Bb Major)


What I learned, I will keep.[b  b](Eb Major)



I give my love to you even in desperate moments.

I hope i can find what I’m worth.

A poor man’s future with a vivid conscious dream.

Undocumented and unafraid.


– Line ark_______________________

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