Durbin’s Staff Asks Security to Escort Octavio’s Mom Our of Office [Video]

Senator Durbin is supportive of immigration reform, but has not been so helpful when we are trying to keep families together. While his staff has called ICE to inquire about the status of Octavio’s case, he has not taken any other action. On Monday, Octavio’s mom went to his office to ask for a letter of support from the Senator, and she was escorted out by the security guard, without even the chance to schedule a meeting (See video below).

Please help us remind Senator Durbin that a commitment to immigration reform, includes doing everything he can to keep families together as the debate continues in congress.  Call Senator Richard Durbin’s Chicago Office: (312) 353-4952 and ask that he stand with the Octavio family by making a phone call and letter on his behalf.

Sample Script: “I am calling  in support of Octavio Nava Cabrera, to ask that you write a letter of support to ICE. He has no criminal history, is a father and grandfather of U.S. citizens, and is a contributing member of the state of Illinois. Please support Octavio and his family, and write a letter to ICE in support .”

Done with the calls? Take another minute to reach out to ICE and tell them to stop Octavio’s deportation. Call National ICE Director John Morton: (202) 732-3000, and sign the petition: TELL ICE: Don’t Deport Octavio Nava Cabrera (A 075785334)

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