Education Delayed

Hi, my name is Jesus Morales I’m an undocumented young man. I have been living here in the United States since the tender age of 4. My family migrated from Durango, México 16 years ago to look for a more secure and promising life than what we had in Mexico. I’ve had to deal with the fact that I’m undocumented since I was young, I was told that life here in the U.S. would never be the same for me like my citizen friends, as long as I remain undocumented. I never understood what it meant until I was older.

I got my first job rejection when I was 16, when I tried to apply for a job as a life guard. The rejection depressed me and made me feel hopeless, I was rejected for the simple fact of not having a little card that has 9 numbers. Nine numbers separate me and millions of other undocumented youth from pursuing our dreams and goals in school and society.

I’ve been working since 18 in a laborers union because I didn’t have the resources and guidance to further my education. In the union I worked for, I met many interesting people who like me are unfortunately undocumented. The more time I spent working as a union laborer, the more I thought to myself that the job was not for me.

Now I’m hoping that in the future I can be presented an opportunity to go back to school so I can further my education and work in something I’m sure I’ll love. So now I’m fighting to help pass the Dream Act bill, so me and millions of undocumented youth can continue to get a further and better education.

Jesus Morales is one of the IYJL members who left to Washington DC to participate in the mass mobilization to pass the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill. For more information on the mobilization visit

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