Help stop deportation of Arizona dreamer Araceli

Araceli was 7 years old when she came to the United States with her parents. She has lived in Tucson, Arizona for over 20 years, and has grown up to be  active member of her church community. On March 18, 2008, an immigration raid at a Tucson fast-food restaurant dramatically changed the lives of 11 workers and their families.Araceli was one of them; this 20-year Tucson resident, mother and wife suddenly found herself detained for five months before she was released to fight her case.

Araceli faces deportation in early November, and unless we act now the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will deport Araceli.

Help us flood their offices and urge them stop her deportation:
1. Call DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, 202-282-8495 (message line)
2. Call Assistant Secretary John Morton, 202-732-3000 (live line)
3. Send DHS a fax!


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