HOME: Act 1.7 Scene 9

“Home” is a complication of pieces ironically titled in play format to address how we are made to perform our undocumentation on a regular basis and how we, as undocumented people, have been used by countless individuals (even within “the movement” and by our own doing whether conscious of exploitation or not), groups, institutions and systems as pawns who are self-interested actors in the blockbuster film the media has made out of our real lives, experiences and struggles.

The poetrees presented here are part of an extended project I hope to begin expanding this piece in an attempt to discuss this conflicting and infinite idea, question and continuous search for “home”. I hope you enjoy reading them! They will be released in increments; so keep checking out this page!

Much love!

Stephanie Camba

Act 1 Scene 23

Home Act 1.7 Scene 9

Bringing them home

Their hunger struck the world

Even unlikely sources publicly moaned from the pangs

Recognizing these are our friends, people who love and fight with us

The worry and urgency overwhelming, no time for pride or personal pasts

It’s about people; people that should always be placed before the petty


Their hunger can only be satiated by holistic justice, by the freedom we were promised,

By full compensation for how this country has (mis)treated us,

By the kiss of a child whose detained parent she hasn’t seen

If so lucky only through bullet proof windows and TV screen

By the touch of mother and child across fences,

By removing these unnecessary defenses

We are too far-gone from forgiveness

There is only fighting now


Hoping the internal battles would cease

We need all the energy we can get when we’ve been tired

The exhaustion collected resentment leading us to this hurt in the first place

Counting down the time “tick tock”, as they say, for us to make room to love each other

Loving the way they never wanted us to

Loving more deeply than simply rocking matching fedoras

Loving the way they fear would make us invincible


This time around it showed…

Our insurmountable ability to love

We need that warmth

To keep our fire


Proving we can come together

We say we read Paulo Freire

Yet we practice pedagogies of our oppressors

We, the oppressed, digress

As we they continue to divide and conquer

Makes you wonder how much greater our capacity could be

If the domination of imperial practices didn’t come so naturally


Bringing them home

We walked over burned bridges

Still standing for the 9 to 1.5 million

And the 5 times 2.2 million

Not included in the building

Of this current “reform” or reversion to trench warfare

Eyes gleam with hopes led on by politicians who supposedly care


Our sisters in solitary confinement made noise that no one else could make for us

Remote locations of county detention centers out of sight, out of mind

Their voice surfacing from the silence

Many listened and responded

But some had their mouths so full with state and federal funding

That they would fill their cups to the brim overflowing

Work watered down as we are mentioned in their grant writing

While silent as people’s lives are at stake

People they claim to supposedly advocate for and so hardly advocate WITH

Only we can fight for our own genuine self-determination without compromise


Bring Us Home

Our actions are extensions of being rudely awakened from this dream

This divisive notion of dreaming while everyone despairs in realities that are nightmares

We are here for a reason and our struggles and liberations are bound

There is no use blaming our parents for being plagued by poverty and injustice transnationally

Refusing to recognize WE HAD NO CHOICE but to leave

Pretending America has nothing to do with it

It being the ugly truth that is the face of migration


We are still bringing them home

The 1.7 million

The 11 million

The 400,000 to come

The 30,000 to free

These are our families, lives that matter

Numbers that mean nothing if not for wishes

To empty these jail beds

To destroy these detention centers

To build communities to mobilize against our continued criminalization

To incinerate these borders with the flames our hearts light up out of the shadows that once contained us

With intent to liberate undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic


Act 1.7 Scene 9

Something inspiring and hopeful happened in the past few weeks that included traces of unity and solidarity; words often used and hardly maintained or meant. Caring about people from all sides and angles of this “movement”, I am looking forward to more collaboration, sharing, healing, fighting, and understanding together. We have already proven that respecting methods and contrasting forms of self-determination is possible, but healing and practice of forgiveness and self-care is hard. How can we fight for the liberation of our people when we recreate the very same oppressive standards and experiences imposed by the systems we intend to break down in the way we work and forget to holistically love ourselves and our community? Let’s work on it <3


Disclaimer: I wrote the line about incinerating the border prior to the happenings in the detention center in Athens. It must be prophecy.


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