How to walk out of a DHS [In]secure Communities hearing

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4 Responses

  1. jf says:

    I am quite sorry that my country’s leaders have failed to recognize just how great of a contribution immigrants, documented and otherwise have made to this country historically. It bothers me to no end that so much emphasis is placed upon selecting only the educated and wealthy for valid immigration, and only a small selection of them. People often do not realize just how quickly and impossible it is for many people to obtain an H1B or similar, and the fact of the matter is that some of the Greatest Americans so far have come from extremely humble immigrant origins within one to two generations of emigration.

    As an American by-birth and sentiment, I fully support this and wish everyone involved the best of luck.

  2. Lulu says:

    Your speech was perfect!

  3. Jmanconus says:


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