Illinois Father Without Criminal Record Faces Deportation After Traffic Stop

Octavio came to the United States at 17, fleeing abuse from his father in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1985. In early April, he had parked outside his house, when police drove up to his car, and told him that he had run a stop sign two blocks back.

Octavio told the officer that he could not provide a driver’s license due to his immigration status. The police officer arrested him, and threatened to take away his car. When Octavio told him that under Melrose Park law he could not do that, the officer replied, “An immigrant will not tell me about my country’s laws.” Octavio was taken to jail.

Octavio was released almost immediatly, but 3 weeks later several immigration agents showed up at his house and detained him. He is now being held in Dodge County Facility in Wisconsin. 

Octavio is the main provider of his family, he is a hard worker, a father to a US citizen and he has no criminal record. Octavio is a contributing member of the community, he is not a threat to public safety, has strong ties to the community, and should be able to benefit from prosecutorial discretion. But he has one prior deportation from 1997, when he visited Mexico due to a death in the family and was stopped by border patrol. He came back to Melrose Park, Illinois and has been living here for over 10 years. His family is worried that he will be deported to Guanajuato, Mexico, where one of his brothers has already been killed, and another is missing.

Please help Octavio stay home with his family and sign the petition below.

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