Immigrant Rights Advocates Denounce Sessions’ Visit to Chicago; Call Out the Attorney General on Latest Power Grab to Increase Racist Policing and Expand Immigration Detention

On Wednesday, October 17th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he will be in Chicago today, October 20th at 12:00 pm, at the Union League Club of Chicago. Below is OCAD’s official statement in response to Jeff Sessions’ visit.


Chicago, IL – This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will deliver comments to the Chicago Crime Commission at the Union League Club of Chicago. This visit is an attempt to prevent the overhaul of the City’s Police Department. Under the current Welcoming City Ordinance, Chicago Police can still collaborate with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport people in the city.

In response to Jeff Sessions’ visit, Organized Communities Against Deportations, an undocumented-led organization fighting against the criminalization of immigrant and Black and Brown communities, issued the following statement:

“Jeff Sessions is not welcomed in our city. His visit to the Chicago Crime Commission, a private entity that is not accountable to our communities, signals this administration’s focus is to aid and defend corrupt Police departments, such as the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

Likewise, Jeff Sessions’ is using the Department of Justice to aid another rogue agency. Last month, Sessions began to limit the power of immigration judges’ ability to grant bond to immigrants in court by granting ICE agents the authority to decide  whether an immigrant should be let out of detention. This will lead to catastrophic consequences for people in detention and people arriving to the country, it will expand the number of people held indefinitely in immigration detention centers, with no opportunity of relief or release.

The actions of Jeff Sessions are racist and highlight this administration’s attempt to expand the president’s national police force, ICE and Border Patrol, while also interfering with communities’ efforts to dismantle racist policing in cities where racial profiling, police killings and the use of databases to monitor people of color is the norm. We call out Jeff Sessions for this abuse of power to continue the criminalization, incarceration and deportation of immigrants and people of color.”

Later this month, Chicago will join immigrant rights advocates and community leaders across the country in the submission of the ‘People’s Amicus Brief,’ which will detail Sessions’ latest attempts to expand immigration detention  and how it will negatively impact individuals and families seeking asylum. If Sessions succeeds, this change will impact many of the people arriving to the U.S. in the most recent Honduran caravan.  

Organized Communities Against Deportations  will host a media roundtable on October 30, 2018 at 11:00 AM at Latino Union of Chicago (4811 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, IL 60625), focused on the content of the ‘People’s Amicus Brief’ from the voices of people directly impacted on this issue.

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