Immigration Agents Accused of Violence During Chicago Raids, Family of Man Harmed by Agents Requests Emergency Medical Release

The family of Wilmer Catalan Ramirez will be submitting evidence about his severe medical condition, a result of the treatment he received by immigration agents during a recent immigration raid in Chicago’s southwest side. Advocates will also present evidence of use of violence and disregard for civil rights by immigration agents during recent operations in Chicago.

WHAT: Rally and submission of an emergency release request for Wilmer Catalan Ramirez. The event will include testimonies from Wilmer’s family, legal representatives, civil rights advocates, and community organizers, as well as evidence of violence committed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents during other recent immigration raids through Chicago neighborhoods.

WHEN: Thursday, April 13, 2017; 11:00 AM

WHERE: Outside of Immigration Enforcement Office, at 101 West Congress, Chicago, Illinois.

WHO: Celene Adame, wife of Wilmer Catalan Ramirez; Irene Romulo, deportation defense organizer for Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD); Diana Rashid, one of Wilmer’s immigration attorneys with Heartland Alliance National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC); Maria Gonzalez, witness to recent Little Village raids; Julie Mao, Wilmer’s attorney at National Immigration Project (NIPNLG),  as well as members of ENLACE, La Villita Se Defiende, and The Autonomous Tenants Union.

WHY: On Monday, March 27th immigration enforcement agents forced their way into the home of Wilmer Catalan Ramirez. In the process of apprehending Wilmer, the immigration agents threw him onto the ground and handcuffed him. At the time of his detention, Wilmer was recuperating from a recent incident of gun violence that caused paralysis to the left side of his body and requires him to use a leg brace. This exchange left him with a fractured arm for which he has not received adequate medical care in detention. Wilmer’s family is asking for the release of Wilmer to ensure proper medical care is being provided to him.

As immigration agents are conducting raids in Chicago neighborhoods, individuals are coming forward with evidence of physical violence, including a shooting, one fractured arm, and potential constitutional violations. Recent victims and the supporting community are looking into all available legal recourses to put a halt to the violent raids and rein in unlawful ICE behavior, and are demanding city council to pass the proposed ordinance to expand protections for those targeted by the deportation agents.


Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD), an undocumented-led organization that fights against the deportation and criminalization of Black and brown immigrant communities.

Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) is dedicated to ensuring human rights protections and access to justice for all immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild (NIPNLG) is a national non-profit organization that provides legal assistance to immigrant communities, legal practitioners, and advocates working to protect the rights of noncitizens.


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