It means the world to me

Sharing another on-line chat from an undocumented youth as he gathers support to organize on campus. We’re mobilizing!


quick question


go ahead


you are familiar with the immigration struggle nowadays right?


somewhat, whats up?

10:59am Me

well, it is quite important to have immigration reform,everyday U.S. born children are separated from their parents, talented students cannot attend college and people live in fear of even getting out of the city because they might get caught by immigration enforcement


yup, I know a lot of kids who should be in college but arent because of their immigraion status

11:00am Me

yea its really sad, and I think we should do something about it.
Would you support immigration reform and if we start organizing in campus to create awareness?

11:01am Friend

Fo sho!!!!

11:02am Me

Awsome, I’m thinking about gathering support and make the school’s president make a public letter to elected officials in support of immigration reform

11:02am Friend

sure, just let me know what happens

11:02am Me

ok I will keep you updated, and thanks so much, it means a world to me

11:03am Friend


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