National Come out of the Shadows Day!

Chicago Undocumented Youth Kick Off National ‘Coming out of the Shadows’ Actions on March 10th, 2010.

Action and March calls for Senator Durbin, President Obama to take leadership on comprehensive immigration reform in 2010 that includes a path to legalization for youth and our parents! Meet at Union Park at 11am to head to Federal Plaza for a Coming out action by undocumented youth.

All over the country our communities and youth are tired of being persecuted by an immigration system that hurts us all and keeps us from contributing to our families and communities. The Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) is working with community organizations for a mass youth-led immigrant rights mobilization in Chicago, and national coordinated actions in support for a path towards legalization for students, youth, and our parents.

This action is a call for leadership from Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), who has worked for and promised the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform for years. Now, as the Senate’s second-ranking leader, he is in a position to deliver. As our senator, and a long-time supporter of immigrant youth, we need him to lead on the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform this year.

“We cannot wait any more. Not while our parents are getting deported and our youth’s dreams fall apart due to an obsolete immigration system that has failed us and the country. I have supported Senator Durbin and President Obama, and now we need them to act. This country cannot wait anymore, we will not wait any longer,” said Ireri, IYJL member.

IYJL has extended an invitation for a place at the table to the Senator, as well as President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, on March 10th, 2010 so that they can hear the proposals for immigration reform from the people that are affected the most. There have been more deportations under President Obama than any year under Bush. We need our leaders to do the right thing, the just thing, and the best thing for our economy and working families.

In collaboration with the national youth-led network United We Dream, students and youth from around the country will be organizing “coming out of the shadows” actions between March 10th and March 21st, starting right here in Chicago.

We are urging our communities to join us in Chicago at Union Park at 11 am, march with us at 1pm, and join us in Federal Plaza at 3pm. We are also calling for national groups to organize “coming out of the shadows” actions to pressure our leaders to take action on the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform this year.


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