National Day of Action-Chicago

National Day of Action in Chicago!

Join IYJL and other organizations on Saturday May 29 at Pilsen, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Arizona against SB1070 and the culture of discriminatory policies. There will be political speeches and cultural dances, followed up by a walk and protest at 2pm to the PetsMart at 1101 S. Canal.

When: Saturday, May 29 2010 at noon & 2pm
Where: 18th St & Blue Island Ave & 1101 S. Canal
What: Political speeches, cultural dances & protest
Why: Petsmart is a Phoenix based corporation, we seek the company to officially denounce SB1070 or face boycott. And stand in support of pro-immigrant Arizonans.

In the last month, local, national, and international pressure has grown with vigils, fasts, protests, high school walkouts, boycotts, and civil disobedience-all in repudiation of SB1070, a law that creates 21st century apartheid in the United States. From Phoenix to Mexico to South Africa-the eyes of the world are watching an atrocious human rights crisis while President Obama and his administration fail to act.

On May 29, 2010, people of conscience from throughout the United States and Phoenix will march in the tens of thousands to the State Capitol to demand justice in the face of legalized discrimination and hate. They will demand that President Obama stand on the right side of history and take immediate and concrete action to stop SB1070.

Our Demands:

There are examples in the history of our country when the federal government has intervened to protect communities living under State sanctioned terror and unjust laws. This is why we urge President Obama to:

1. Reassert the federal government’s exclusive control over immigration law by making clear that state and local police do not have the inherent authority to enforce immigration law.
2. Immediately suspend and terminate all police-ICE partnerships, including 287(g) agreements and the so-called ‘Secure Communities Initiative.”
3. Direct the Department of Homeland Security to refuse to take custody of anyone charged with violating provisions of SB 1070.

What can you do?

Join us in making history in Phoenix, Arizona on May 29th! March with tens of thousands of people from throughout the country as we collectively raise our voices to say: “We are All Arizona.”

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