OCAD Statement of Support for Fathers Noe Adan & Jose Juan

“We, as an organized community, stand in support of Noe Adan and Jose Juan as they take a stand against ICE’s threats and abuse.

Director Ricardo Wong and the rest of the Chicago Field Office completely disregard immigrants, and use any excuse to profit off the detention and deportation of hundreds people each day.

They have illustrated countless times that meeting deportation quotas is more important than the well-being and safety of individuals and their families. They do not operate in the interest of anybody, but themselves.

ICE has chosen to threaten Noe Adan and Jose Juan with deportation just days before the courts make a decision on DAPA – Deferred Action for Parental Accountability. They are sending a clear message; they only care to continue profiting from the pain of immigrants and are not interested in following any guidelines put in place–not even those created by ICE itself.

We condemn ICE’s actions in deporting our loves ones, violently raiding our homes, allowing ICE agents to taunt and harass members of our community, instilling fear in school, work, and places of worship, and for refusing to even acknowledge the damage that they do. 

We’ll continue to stand as a united community and demand answers until there are no more families torn apart, until we’re all free from the grips of ICE and there is not one more deportation.”

–Delivered by OCAD member, Yaxal Sobrevilla, during a press conference 4/6/16

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