Not One More: Illinois, Stop Deportations!

Illinois Says Not One More Deportation! Join Families Affected by Deportation and Detention, Undocumented Illinois Residents, and Community Allies in Calling for a Suspension of Deportations!  

Tuesday May 14th, 2013; 9:00 AM, Broadview Immigration Detention Facility (1930 Beach Street, Broadview, IL.) Facebook Invite.

>> Watch the Rally Live, Tuesday [around] 9:30 AM
>> Read the Press Release for Tuesday Action and Rally
>> Find out more about the undocumented participants arrested at action
>> Organizational Sign-On Letter Asking for Suspension of Deportations


BREAKING NEWS *** Seven Undocumented Illinois Immigrants Block Broadview Detention Center Road with Locks and Chains Calling for Suspension of Deportations

A group of seven undocumented immigrants from Illinois sat down blocking the doors to the Broadview Detention Facility, linking arms together using pipes, chains, and locks. They were protesting the record-high deportations under President Obama, and the lack of leadership from Illinois representatives to call for a suspension of these deportations.

Ma. del Socorro Martinez Garcia, 41; Xanat Sobrevilla, 25; Miguel Martinez, 22; Stephanie Camba, 22; Jesús Morales, 24; Jose Martinez, 21; Hugo Dominguez, 23 are all here undocumented immigrants living in the state who have known family members, friends, or neighbors who have been deported or placed in detention. You too can support this action and a suspension to deportations by:

  1. Calling the offices of Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) urging him to take a stand in supporting action by President Obama to stop deportations. Chicago Office: 312-353-4952; DC Office: 202-224-2152Suggested script: “Hi. I am calling to thank Senator Durbin for fighting for immigration reform and being key helping stop the deportation of DREAMers. I want to ask that Senator Durbin continue to be our champion and help urge President Obama to suspend deportations of immigrants as a first step to immigration reform”
  2. Signing the petitions and call the Chicago Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office (ICE) in support of 3 cases of midwest families facing deportation and detention: Wilmar Guzman; Lourdes Moreno Carrero and Octavio Nava Cabrera.  Call the Chicago ICE office: 312-347-2400 [Press * to talk to operator]Suggested script: “Hello, I am calling in support of three people currently facing deportation in Illinois.  Wilmar Guzman (A# 097-745-437), Lourdes Moreno Carrero (A# 200-837-411) and Octavio Nava Cabrera (A# 075-785-334)  have no criminal record, have families that depend on their support, and are contributors to their community. Please consider using prosecutorial discretion in these 3 cases and stop their deportation.”
  3. Working to get your organization or community group to sign-on to this national letter asking President Obama to suspend deportations. 

Working against deportations and the separation of our families is an ongoing task that we are fighting in the courts, with ICE, at the offices of our elected officials, in the streets, and case by case. If you know someone in deportation proceedings who needs our support, or if you want to help fight against deportations, please get in touch with us.

The action was organized by a coalition of organization led by undocumented youth in the state, including Undocumented Illinois, the Immigrant Youth Justice League, the Latino Youth Action League of DuPage. For more information on the action and participants, please visit or follow us on twitter at @UndocuIL for updates.


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