Take action to stop Marlen’s deportation!

UPDATE: As of Thursday August 5th, we found out that Marlen was granted deferred action for one year. Thank you for all your signatures and faxes. This is a great victory that we must celebrate, but remember we continue fighting for the DREAM Act.  We can’t continue to fight case by case, but we will if we have to. Pass the DREAM Act now!

On Sunday, August 8thMarlen Moreno, an Arizona DREAMer, will no longer be in this country.  She is a wife, married to a legal permanent resident, and a mother to two wonderful U.S. citizen children, Freddy Alan who is 3 and Leobardo, Jr. who is just 10-months old. Marlen aspires to be a pre-school teacher and would be a DREAM Act beneficiary. August 10th is Marlen’s birthday, let us help give her the biggest present ever, the opportunity to not be torn away from her family and the opportunity to accomplish her dreams. 5,000 faxes is the goal.

Sign the Petition that will be sent directly to DHS and ICE

Do not stop there, please make some phone calls on her behalf

  1. Call Janet Napolitano, Director of Department of Homeland Security, and leave comments of support for Marlen and also ask that DHS stop her deportation: 202-282-8495 (note this is an answering machine, once it is full it is out of commission for day. Fill it up now with Marlen calls).
  2. Call Assistant Secretary to ICE, John Morton and leave a message urging him to take action and defer Marlen’s deportation: 202.732.3000 (Note this is a live comment line, i.e. a human being will pick up and take your message. Be very polite:

    “I am calling to leave a message of support for Marlen Moreno
    (A#88-771-833) who is being deported on August 8th, I ask that Director Morton please step in to defer her deportation, she is an asset to this country.  Thank you.

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