[Press Release] Undocumented Immigrant Organizers & Students Gather to Watch Obama Announcement Immigration Reform

Event participants will address the need for federal changes, and offer criticism of the focus on harsh punitive measures so far released in immigration reform proposals. 

WHAT: Members of immigrant rights community groups, including the Immigrant Youth Justice League, will be gathering to watch and respond to President Obama’s plans on comprehensive immigration reform.

Some attendees are people who are facing deportation, or who have family members in proceedings. Others are potential and current beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, who despite qualifying for a work permit and conditional relief from deportation, continue to believe in and advocate for immigration reforms that truly benefit their parents and other community members. Amongst the demands, is that President Obama take similar action and use his administrative powers to stop separating families. 

WHEN: Tuesday January 29, 2013; 12:30 PM [President Obama expected to speak at 12:55 PM CST]

WHERE: Casa Michoacán, 1638 South Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL.

WHO: Undocumented youth, families separated by deportation, members of the Immigrant Youth Justice League.

WHY:  President Obama has announced plans to push for a comprehensive immigration bill this year, and will be revealing details of his upcoming plans. It is expected that the details will be comparable to the pillars released by a group of bi-partisan senators over the weekend, which include a “tough but fair” path towards citizenship, strengthening “legal” immigration, and employment verification and future adjustments to work visas.

Undocumented organizers working with the Immigrant Youth Justice League are concerned that immigration reform proposals include measures that are unnecessarily punitive towards current and future undocumented immigrants, including increased enforcement at the border and continued criminalization and deportations of immigrant families.



The Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) is a Chicago-based organization led by undocumented organizers working towards full recognition of the rights and contributions of all immigrants through education, leadership development, policy advocacy, resource gathering, and mobilization.


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