We’re not cute. We’re organized.

On Wednesday IYJL posted the following quote from the National Public Radio (NPR) article A new generation of Dreamers Goes Public: “‎I think we got special treatment. Trying to deport us probably would have caused too much of an uproar,” says David Ramírez of Chicago, who was among those arrested in Atlanta. “It was calling the government’s bluff, I guess.” This is David’s response, as facilitated by Facebook:

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What? reporter said: “so it was calling the governments bluff…” i said: “It was calling the government’s bluff, I guess, but I don’t feel comfortable putting it in that way.” reporter said: “I understand.” and he moved on. now that’s what he has me saying in his article.

i don’t feel comfortable putting it in that way because i don’t think it is a bluff considering how many undocumented people are being deported. i mentioned to him that if it had been my father who had been arrested in GA, he would have been put in deportation proceedings.

the idea that there’s some sort of “bluff” in place concerning undocumented students comes from the idea that students aren’t being deported, which isn’t true, and it ignores completely the fact that we’ve won whatever relative security we have.

The way I picture NPR understanding what’s happening is as follows: Barack Obama has to appear tough on immigration by deporting undocumented people. He is deporting bad undocumented people, but he is not deporting students because he has a soft spot for us and our caps.

How I understand what’s happening: Through coming together into regional and national organizations, developing influence, and demonstrating that we have it (with latino electorate, with people who identify as democrats/liberals, most leftys, with labor…) we’ve put Obama in a position where he can’t deport us even if he wanted to. It would cause an uproar (I don’t think I actually used that word when I spoke to him, but fine.) It would cause an uproar.

we’re not cute. we’re organized. our activism is the reason you believe the administration is easy on us.

“More Illegal Immigrants come out in wake of…” and “David Ramirez, an illegal immigrant arrested in Atlanta” This is just ignorant. I’m not even offended anymore. I shouldn’t be put in a position where I have to say “I’m not illegal.” That isn’t something I’m going to say out-loud. It’s ridiculous for me to have that argument, or to have to explain to someone why being referred to as “illegal” is demeaning.

I’m not even sure I feel comfortable with “immigrant.” I was a year and half old when we moved to the U.S. How is my brother, who was born in the U.S. only a bit after we had moved here, any more or less of an immigrant? I’ve spent all of the life I can remember in this spot, and I was raised by TV just as much as you were. How are you any more or less of an immigrant than me?

Oh. I was born in Mexico, right. Good thing it only makes me cooler than you.

Especially now that Obama is only bluffing about deporting us and we can be as proud as we want.

aslo, i just realized how uncomfortable the man standing behind jorge lopez is making me. go ahead take another look.

what the hell? but looking at Jorge’s face more closely makes me think of how real what’s happening is.

what happened to jorge for him to decide to hold this megaphone? i wonder if he talked to his parents about what he’s doing, and if they were scared for him… his face is courage.

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