What’s it going to take? Pass the DREAM Act Now

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3 Responses

  1. T says:

    Well written, this world needs more compassion. People on capitol hill need to lead, not be prejudice towards people who simply dont have a piece of paper with a number on it. It took a civil rights movement for African Americans to get there rights, can you actually believe it? That people in this country were so dark inside that they would refuse to use the same bathrooms as an African American? If senators were to simply open there eyes, and put them selves in our shoes, than the picture would be quite clear. We dont have the luxuries they have, we cant drive cars in most states, we cant get jobs, and we certainly cant live our lives to the fullest. They say America is the best country in the world, where freedom and liberty are at its core. But America educates the best minds in the world, and sends them back to there countries, instead of offering them to stay here and better America. But America now has a chance to change this by passing the Dream Act. Sure the Dream Act will help us to better our lives, but it will also help America. All those students who have degrees already can now apply them to the real world, to obtain jobs, and increase there spending power. Many are arguing that America cannot afford the Dream Act, but the argument is quite clear, can America afford not to pass the Dream Act? Call your senators and urge them to vote for the DREAM.

  2. IYJL says:

    Call 1-866-587-3023 to ask your representatives to support the DREAM Act.

  3. FM says:

    what a beautiful and inspirational writing!!! i am so glad you captured our daily struggle in your own words. They better do the right thing because we’re not giving up!!

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