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4 Responses

  1. Beautiful essay! I disagree with the abortion part of it, but I respect everyone’s point of view. Well done, it is very inspiring.

  2. resveratrol says:

    I found this blog while searching google. Pretty surprising too, since google usually shows relatively old results but this one is very recent! Anyway, very informative, especially since this is not something many people are able to write about. Take care…

  3. Anna Cantu says:

    I was born in the U.S. like my parents and their parents. I am mexican american, chicana, hispanic, whatever you want to label me as. But my daughter-in-law was born in Mexico but raised here from a very young age she started school here and like everyone else she is stuck between a rock and a hard place as the saying goes. She graduated high school early is attending a community college hoping the dream act will happen one day. But we live in az with the “sheriff” and his “posse” they are getting ready to pass some bill where it will give them the right to ask anyone for proof of citizenship wether you are driving, walking to school, out shopping doesn’t matter if you can’t prove you are here legally they will arrest you and deport you! I am scared for her oh yeah if my son is stopped with her in his vehicle he will get charged with trafficking! This is going too far.

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