Demanding a space at the table

As one part of the “coming out of the shadows” action at Federal Plaza, IYJL has invited President Obama, Senator Durbin and Janet Napolitano to a place at our table. We undocumented youth have decided that this March 10 we will present our demands on a table. We understand the table as the most powerful center  where we can discover ourselves as humans, and not as poor or rich, not as documented or undocumented, not as  powerful or powerless not as a  soundbite or statistical report but as human beings. We are coming out of the shadows this March 10 for we are ready  to share in the U.S. American Political, Social and Economic Table.We are coming out the shadows for we are tired  to have the life of our family, friends and our own on standby when it comes to contributing fully to the life of this society.

Having been negated a sit at the table from the various countries from where our parents brought us, having been negated a sit at the table by our politicians who make of  us undocumented  suspects, criminals and, at times, lesser than human, we undocumented youth have open our own table, and this March 10th we have formally invited President Obama, Senator Durbin and Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and their respective family members to join us. At our table they are welcomed. At our table they are not negated a place. At our table we will be able to break bread, at our table President Obama, Senator Durbin and Mrs. Napolitano will be able to see us face to face and not  as an amorphous group to which statistics and reports have distorted from time to time.

This March 10,  we undocumented youth, who are most affected by political inaction or inhuman, incomprehensive  legislation and who are always muted and left in the shadows, are inviting President Obama, Mrs. Napolitano and Senator Durbin to come and sit out table where we will discuss solutions to our broken immigration system.

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